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Exciting News For Season 3!! “Gender Sex and Tech” has become “Cyborg Goddess”

“Though both are bound in this spiral dance, I would rather be a cyborg than a goddess.” Donna Haraway The Cyborg Manifesto

I am so proud of this little podcast, and what we’ve accomplished over the past two years. I’ve met so many generous and intelligent folk in doing this work. But, the podcast has grown past the book that provided the initial inspiration for it, and I wanted to reflect this growth. So, I didn’t want to tie the podcast to the book Gender Sex and Tech: An Intersectional Feminist Guide anymore. For that reason, I am rebranding the podcast, starting with Season 3! For our third season, this podcast is now titled Cyborg Goddess. Rest assured, the episodes that were created under the “Gender Sex and Tech: Continuing the Conversation” title will remain here, and will still be available as an OpenEd resource. And if you are a subscriber, your RSS feed should update automatically to the new Cyborg Goddess podcast feed.

New Episodes coming June 2024. I can’t wait to share this season with you all!!

If you aren’t a subscriber, then you can find Cyborg Goddess at :

@Cyborg_Goddess on Twitter on BlueSky

And our new RSS feed:

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