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Gender Sex and Tech: Continuing The Conversation is an interview-style podcast where various technologies are examined using a feminist intersectional lens.

We aren’t technophobes here. But it is complicated!

From birth control to dating apps, from gender confirmation surgery to the video games we play to relax, technology is all around us, constantly interacting with our bodies, lives, and sense of ourselves in ways we may not even realize, let alone understand.

This podcast was designed to continue several conversations that began in chapters of the book Gender Sex and Tech!: An Intersectional Feminist Guide. However, reading the book is not necessary in order to enjoy and learn from these podcasts.

In addition, some of the episodes in this podcast series do not take a chapter of the book as their jumping off point, but instead engage with scholars whose work is beyond the scope of the book.

For more about the book that provided inspiration for this podcast series, go here:,perceptions%20of%20gender%20and%20sex.


For more information about your host, Dr. Jennifer Jill Fellows, go here:


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